i am a Fashion Designer based in The Netherlands and i make amazing Menswear



I am Evana Kuik, Founder & Creative Director of EVAN Menswear.
Five years ago, I began studying Fashion & Design at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After graduating in June 2013, I am extremely grateful to be able to share my passion for design with the rest of the world.
Besides my wonderful experience at Willem de Kooning Academy, I also had the opportunity to travel. Over the course of one year, I lived and studied in Geneva and completed an internship in London with the talented and lovely designers Baartman & Siegel.
These experiences have helped to shape who I am as a person and the values that inspire my works.


“When we are born, we breathe, when we breathe, we live, and when we live, we dream.”

EVAN Menswear is a new, independent fashion label, combining classical form with sportive elements.
A fresh look at the needs of men in a modern world, bringing together traditional attitudes and modern perspectives.
Music, sport and subcultures, collectively, are my main sources of inspiration. Together, these components craft my vision for a new businessman of today.
My collection incorporates an extensive use of overcoats, suits and beautiful sweaters, focussing on the young, male professional.
To be able to position myself in the Dutch fashion world and to express my love for fashion is what motivates me most.

Fashion is more than just clothing. Clothes are used to express our individual identities.
They build the identity of a person; representing who they are in relation to the time and space in which they live.
Fashion, therefore, is also a reflection of society. It mirrors social trends and cultures, thus visualising colourful narratives.
The inspiration for my graduation collection, ‘Rebel on a Pause’, came from my fascination with the alternative fashion movements of the 1960’s and 70’s.

During my time in London, the presence of subcultures was overwhelming.
However, I realised that the involvement in these groups does not mean what it once did.
The Teddy Boys, Mods and Punks had a vision.

The rebellion, the struggle to be different, is no longer apparent.
My collection is therefore the result of my fascination with subcultures over time and my own vision of what fashion is: “BEING CLASSY IS MY TEENAGE REBELLION”.
After graduation, it was my goal to do my master and go back to where my inspiration came from, London. The VSB Fund believed in my motivation and sponsored my foreign master scholarship.

I proudly presented my first menswear collection at the at FashionLab Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam 2014, a lab for promising talents and young professionals, on January 25. The show was great and the collection ‘Where boys fear to tread’ is just the beginning of a new story.

In July 2014, followed by an equally great first FashionLab Pro show with my collection S/S 2015 ‘The youth of this nation’. Young, sportive, androgynous, controversial, beautiful and stylish are just some epithets the public and media gave to my collection. My latest fashionshow ‘Little Wild Illusion Machine’ January 2015, tells the story of a boy who can no longer distinguish fantasy from reality. This is the reality of our generation; mixed up, with constantly changing visions and feelings of our wild hearts. The dancers, the models, the live music, the clothing; it is what this fashion show is all about: a new story to tell.




I get all the inspiration I need while looking at the past and present simultaneously



All the designs and fabrication are personally handmade



Promotion is developed in various ways;  T-shirts, Caps, Beanies, Bags etc.